Case Study
Grolsch Icon Tower

Partnering with a historic brewery to bring its vision to life for maximum on-premise impact

The Challenge: Execute The Brand Vision Without Compromise

Grolsch, a renowned Dutch brewery with a rich history dating back to 1615, challenged Taphandles to develop a new draft tower that would not only enhance brand visibility and increase impact in the on-premise, but also stand the test of time through ease of serviceability and use of premium materials and finishes.

The Solution: Engineered To Last

Using premium manufacturing methods and materials, Taphandles brought the brand vision to life by casting the tower body in stainless steel, applying a brushed finish, and carefully designing features that allow for ease of service in the on-premise environment. The methods of manufacturing chosen also ensured crisp execution of illuminated features and the Grolsch wordmark, which were critical requirements for communicating the essence of the brand and the consumer experience.

The Outcome: Iconic And Timeless

A premium engineered solution that highlights the brand’s storied legacy while simultaneously propelling it into the future.

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