Case Study
Beavertown Can Glorifier

Drive awareness to a packaged product in the crowded on-premise environment

The Challenge: Bringing The Gamma Ray Man To Life

Beavertown presented Taphandles with the exciting challenge of using a hand-drawn zombie-like arm to create an eye-catching can glorifier for on-premise settings.

The Approach: From 2D Sketch To 3D Sculpt

Building upon the distinctive artistic style of the Beavertown creative team, Taphandles design studio took on the challenge of translating their vision into a tangible form.   Using advanced 3D sculpting techniques, we crafted a Gamma Man forearm and hand, capturing all the well-known visual characteristics of a zombie: meticulously detailed muscle tone, torn flesh, exposed bone, and scratch marks. This custom design serves to perfectly cradle and glorify any can of Beavertown beer.

The Outcome: A Glorified Zombie

A visually striking back-of-bar marketing tool that immediately connects consumers to the distinctive and expressive visual entity of the Beavertown brand.

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